Views on the oncoming elections

August 8 is drawing closer everyday and millions of Kenyan voters are seriously engaged in political discussions.A few Kenyans spoke about the coming elections, here are their different views

World AIDS Day

HIV is rampant among teenagers in Kenya, especially girls. Speaking at Nyayo stadium, at a concert organized to spread more awareness to the youth, Avril emphasized on the need for dialogue between parents and their children. She also said music can be used as a tool to spread the awareness.

Ndungi Githuku speaks about corruption in Kenya

Senior police officer confronted by Journalists

A senior police officer from Kilimani police post Nairobi was accosted by journalists after he tried to stop one cameraman from filming. This happened after police dispersed a crowd of protesters led by activist Boniface Mwangi, who were dem

Extra Judicial killings

For a long time now, the police in Kenya have been trigger happy. Many young men have fallen victims of these trigger happy policemen who murder them in cold blood. The justice system in Kenya doesn’t seem to work at all because none of these rogue policemen have been prosecuted