Mob justice

A man who allegedly stole a phone from a lady in the streets of Nairobi ,gets instant justice from members of the public after they caught up with him. He was very lucky to get out of this alive.

Ndungi Githuku speaks about corruption in Kenya

Senior police officer confronted by Journalists

A senior police officer from Kilimani police post Nairobi was accosted by journalists after he tried to stop one cameraman from filming. This happened after police dispersed a crowd of protesters led by activist Boniface Mwangi, who were dem

Anti-corruption protest

Protesters ‘behind bars’ chanting “Wafungwe” meaning lock them up. They were protesting against the alleged embezzlement of public funds in the Health ministry. The Ministry of Health has since denied the allegations that up to Kshs 5bn has been misappropriated.

Ballot revoltion

Four years ago there was call to all the young voters to change the system using their vote. Bad politics will plunge a great nation into turmoil. the future of a country depends on its young people. I hope there will be a real ballot revolution in Kenya

Your voice counts

We have such a corrupt government in place and most of us are still watching it unfold on our screens like a reality show. Not many are out there speaking about it or exposing this rot that is now starting to smell. I respect my friend Boniface Mwangi for his bravery and I should say that this type of courage is much needed. We all need to join hands and say no to this theft of public funds. We have a role to play in shaping the future of this country.

Extra Judicial killings

For a long time now, the police in Kenya have been trigger happy. Many young men have fallen victims of these trigger happy policemen who murder them in cold blood. The justice system in Kenya doesn’t seem to work at all because none of these rogue policemen have been prosecuted